Kind words from our patients ..

ďI have had acupuncture for my back pain before, but didnít get much relief for the pain. I was unable to sit, stand, walk, or lie down for long periods of time. I even tried bee sting therapy, because I was so desperate. After 3 weeks of being unable to sleep due to the pain, I called Acupedics for an appointment. I was amazed as I was able to sleep the night through after just 1-2 treatments!! I feel that I was healed after just a few sessions.

I also had sun damage on my left cheek from a vacation I took in the Mediterranean. I tried everything including Laser Therapy. The blemish went away from the therapy, but it was painful and after a while, the blemish returned. I tried the Ionic Foot Spa at Acupedics, and after a few sessions, I noticed that the sun damage was fading and getting smaller in size. Iíve also been getting better sleep and feeling healthier from the Spa Treatments. I have been recommending them to all my friends and customers!!Ē


ďErika has been my Oriental Medicine practitioner of choice for the past 6 years. She has helped alleviate my lower back problems (which Iíve had for years) as well as improve my overall energy and health. Her attention to detail and gentle technique are extremely appreciated. They are only bested by her friendly demeanor and determination at improving the quality of life for her patients. I highly recommend her for anyone interested in Oriental Medicine.Ē

-S. Kaplan

ďI had a big scar from a bruise on my leg for about 2 years. I never did anything to treat it. I thought it was going to go away right away, but it didnít. The scar was big, about the size of a 4 X 6 photograph, on the front of my shin. But now that Iím getting the Foot Spa treatments, I noticed that on the 4th or 5th treatment, the scar started fading. Now I can barely see where the bruise was. I even noticed that the Ion Spa treatments are helping me lose weight. Iíve tried different methods to lose weight: diet pills, exercise, eating healthier; but it didnít help because of the medication I was taking. When I stopped taking the diet pills, I gained all the weight back plus more. With the treatments, I noticed all my clothing is getting looser. I have even dropped a size in some of my clothes. People also told me that Iím losing weight. Also, I have more energy now than everĒ

-D. Anguiano