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What are the Three Treasures?

For thousands of years Asian Culture has revolved around preserving one’s health through guarding the Three Treasures. So what are these Three Treasures and how can you tap into them to maximize the quality of your health?

Qi, Blood and Essence: The Three Treasures of Chinese medicine. Throughout history, the people of the Asian cultures have based their health maintenance in and around these three principles. But what are they and how do they apply to the modern medical paradigm?

Qi (pronounced ch’ee) is the vital energy that powers the body and it’s organs. Qi can be compared to the immune and metabolic systems of the body. Sufficient stores of Qi are important for keeping the body’s organ systems functioning properly. When one suffers from low levels of Qi (Qi deficiency), the body suffers from poor immune function, low energy / fatigue, and improper digestion. To efficiently perform its task, Qi must flow freely and smoothly through the channels of the body. When there is disruption of this flow (Qi stagnation) the results are most commonly: pain, irritability, and depression. It is said that: “Qi is the commander of Blood” meaning that the Qi is the motive force that directs the functions of all systems and substances in the body. Failure to maintain one’s Qi will lead to a myriad of other symptoms.

Blood is the nutritive and moistening source for the body. “Blood is the source of Qi”, thus are Blood and Qi bound inextricably to one another. On a basic level, Blood is the same in both Eastern and Western paradigms. Adequate quantity of Blood is necessary to keep the organ systems of the body nourished and functioning. Insufficient supplies of Blood can result in poor vision, dizziness, constipation and infertility. Like Qi, Blood must flow freely in order to perform its function. Disturbance of the flow of Blood will also manifest as pain but of a more poignant nature.

Essence is the source of all the substances in the body. It alone of the Three Treasures is non-replenish able and once consumed can never be restored. We are all born with a limited store of Essence, which we then consume over the course of our lifetimes. Essence may be compared to the endocrine and reproductive systems. Decline of Essence can be seen in occurrences that commonly accompany aging. These include: graying of hair, impotence, loss of mental acuity, osteoporosis, menopause and incontinence. Thus, we must carefully husband the use of our Essence stores and supplement its function through the application of acupuncture and herbal medicines.

As you can see, a variety of ailments can be alleviated and definitely avoided through properly guarding the Three Treasures. By maintaining the quality and quantity of Qi, Blood, and Essence, one can preserve the health we rely on to keep us going in today’s hectic world. Acupuncture and herbal medicine is the only form of treatment that actively works towards augmenting the body’s much needed resources.

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